4s 4,200mah 45amp Long Range FPV Drone Battery - Range V1 Lithium Ion
4s 4,200mah 45amp Long Range FPV Drone Battery - Range V1 Lithium Ion

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4s 4,200mah 45amp Long Range FPV Drone Battery - Range V1 Lithium Ion

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Our new long range FPV 4s pack includes more punch than the competition. With a full 45amps max continuous current draw you'll have the freedom to perform high precision maneuvers, while having the capacity to reach distant subjects. This pack is perfect for ultra light 5" drones, or even as a DJI FPV Goggle battery pack.

Built to a Higher Standard

The 4s Range V1 4200mah, along with all of our batteries are built to a completely new level of quality. Each cell in every pack is tested for voltage and resistance issues before they're every put together. Then carefully separated by high quality fish paper, spot welded using enough nickel to ensure you'll never worry about an amp overdraw killing the pack. In all cases we spot weld with enough nickel to cover 10-15amps over the rated draw capacity of the pack. We then use high temp solder to carefully connect all cable joints. Ensuring that no matter the amp draw you'll never have to worry about a connection coming lose. After this already rigorus process we continue insulating each pack with copious amounts of Capton tape, then insulate the entire pack with more fish paper. Finally finishing the whole process with high quality heatshrink.


Same day if available.

Item Details

  • Max Amp Draw: 45 amps
  • Max Voltage: 16.8v
  • Min Recommended Voltage: 11.2v
  • Shut off voltage: 10v
  • Cell Count: 4
  • MAH: 4,200
  • Max Continuous Discharge Rating: 35amps
  • Weight: 300g
  • Dimensions: xxmm L X xxmm H X xxmm W
  • Connector Type: XT60

Charging Details

  • Charger Mode: Li-ion
  • Charge Type: Always Balance
  • Cell: 4s
  • Recommended Charge Amps: 1a
  • Max Charge Amps: 1.5a
  • Storage Voltage: 14.4v



Please Note

Always ensure current draw OSD is enabled to monitor current consumption. 

Battery may be hot upon landing, please always use caution when handling the battery pack.

We recommend lower KV motors and bi-blade propellers when used on FPV drones. This will ensure the most efficient flight characteristics. 

*Warning, these are unprotected li-ion battery packs. They do not include any type of BMS (Battery Management System), nor do they include any current limiting device. As with all batteries, safety is your responsibility. We are not responsible for any irresponsible usage or any damage to person or property, or any harm caused due to the usage of this battery. You accept any and all responsibility from the use of this battery. We are not responsible for damaged hobby parts, crashes resulting in the use of this battery or any other issues that may arise from the use of Lithium Ion batteries in your hobby vehicle. As with all hobby grade batteries, due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns. Watch our video here to learn how to properly charge these batteries.